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Broward County Covid Advisory (download)

September 11, 2020 Pool Announcement (download waiver pdf)


Effective FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 

The Board of Director’s as the governing body of the Association reserves the right to impose restrictions on the use of common area property as guided by The Florida Condominium act and any active Federal, State, or Local Emergency Orders to do what they believe is reasonably necessary to protect the safety and health of its residents and the financial interests of the Association. While there are minimum standards that must be followed by Broward County Emergency Orders, the Board may impose a greater standard of care to protect the Association during this pandemic. Failure to follow the enclosed rules may result in the unit owner being fined or their use rights suspended. 

HOURS OF OPERATION: The pools will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. 


• The pools are for resident use only. A resident is defined as an owner who occupies their unit either on a full or part-time basis or a tenant in residence who is leasing a unit from an owner. An owner who leases their unit surrenders the rights to use common area amenities for the term of the lease.  

• Visiting family members or other guests of residents are not permitted at this time.  

• All residents will be required to carry a pool access photo ID card attached to a lanyard which will be provided by the Association. The ID cards will be generated using the photographs on file in our KEY FOB database. 

• Pool Access ID cards will be issued by the concierge desk in exchange for a resident signed acknowledgement agreeing to follow the pool rules. ID Cards/Lanyard will be available for pick up beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, September 11th.  

• The lanyard must be worn on the pool deck at all times and may be removed while inside the pool. If a person is unable to produce a lanyard upon the request of any Silver Thatch Atlantic Plaza employee, contract services provider, or member of the Board of Directors; or the photo image on the lanyard does not match the face(s) of the person(s) on the pool deck they will be asked to vacate the pool and deck area immediately. This waiver is for the person who receives the lanyard and to indemnify the Association for anyone who misuses the lanyard. Moreover, failure to comply may result in additional penalties as noted below. 

• The Association has entered into an agreement with a contract service provider to supervise compliance and clean the pool deck between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily seven days per week. This person is NOT A LIFEGUARD. They will be responsible for enforcing the rules that only residents with a pool lanyard are permitted on the pool deck, sanitation of pool rails, door and shower handles and bathroom cleaning throughout the day. 


                         POOL AND POOL DECK OCCUPANCY LIMITS: 

              EAST POOL: Bathing load capacity has been reduced to 20 people

                         EAST POOL DECK: No more than 20 persons permitted on the east 

                                       pool deck observing 6ft. social distancing protocols.  

WEST POOL: Bathing load capacity has been reduced to 20 people

WEST POOL DECK: No more than 20 persons permitted on the west 

                                       pool deck observing 6ft. social distancing protocols. 

• Currently, all Association owned pool furniture has been removed from the pool deck. Residents are permitted to bring their own chairs to the pool deck provided the residents take the chairs with them when they leave the pool deck each day. Residents are not permitted to store their own furniture after hours in any of the common areas. Pool furniture left unattended after 6:00 p.m. will be removed and stored at a cost of $50 per day. 

• Proper social distancing protocols of 6ft must be followed on the pool deck, with the exception of those who reside in the same unit. All chairs must be a minimum of six feet apart. A mask that covers the mouth and nose is required to be worn in the common areas used to access the pool deck and all interior common areas of the building.  

• The use of rafts, “noodles”, innertubes, balls or other pool toys are not permitted. 

• Residents should not use the pool if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 or they have been exposed to others with symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test result. Refer to the CDC website for a list of symptoms.

The aforementioned guidelines have been developed by the Board of Directors, along with legal counsel as guided by the Broward County emergency order currently governing the minimum standards by which pools may operate to protect the members and staff of this community to the best of our abilities given the current knowledge at hand. However, all residents knowing the risks of COVID-19 spread by using the pool and pool deck amenities are doing so at their own risk. Members are assuming any and all responsibility for their own health. Your decision, your choice, your responsibility, your life. Any sharing of lanyards or illness spread to your family in your unit is by your choice and you and your family indemnify the association for any illness spread as a result of your use of the pool or spending time on the decks around the pool.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to impose fines and/or temporarily suspend use rights of the pool through its fining/grievance committee for residents who do not comply with current pool rules and regulations.

As a resident of the Association, I attest by executing this document that I am in receipt of the Association issued pool ID and agree that all persons who reside in my unit will abide by the aforementioned pool rules and regulations and if they fail to comply, that my unit can be fined and/or use rights may be revoked for my unit and we indemnify the Association and board members if anyone in my unit is infected with the virus.

Please review the following Covid-19 Advisories and Notices:

Covid-19 Advisory July 28, 2020 (download)


TO: All Residents

FROM: David Huntzinger, Property Manager

CC: The Board of Directors

On July 15th a Silver Thatch Atlantic Plaza COVID-19 Advisory was emailed to owners and hand delivered to each unit advising of a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis for one of our residents. The purpose of this communication today is to advise that one of our staff members has also tested positive for COVID-19 and is self-isolating at home.

We have informed staff members who work in close proximity of this employee to report to a COVID-19 test site and not return to work without a negative test result. The health and safety of everyone within the community is our primary concern. We will continue to monitor our staff members and have also instituted touchless temperature checks for employees and contractors.  

Given two confirmed cases within our community the Association has taken an additional precaution to sanitize our common areas within the building today using a third-party contractor Horizon Janitorial Services. Horizon is using a misting machine to sanitize all interior common areas that have not previously been closed to include all corridors, laundry rooms, restrooms, lobby, elevators, stairwells, administrative offices, and maintenance shops.

It is safe to assume that there are others in our community who have either been exposed to Covid-19 and/or who have the virus but are currently asymptomatic. While we have heightened sanitization protocols in our common areas, everyone must exercise due care and caution when working or leaving their units and should take all necessary precautions by self-isolating and report confirmed cases of infection to the administrative office or the Board of Directors. We will then post notification without revealing the identity or where the person resides.

As a reminder the Board has adopted the following precautionary practices. The current state emergency order provides The Board of Directors broader powers to make these types of decisions out of an abundance of caution in the interest of health and safety to protect everyone within the community.

The Pools are closed as of this time.

The deck will remain open for walking and exercise but should not be used for gatherings or social activities.All fitness centers are closed.

All common area social rooms, card rooms, and libraries are closed. Requests for private use of these rooms will not be considered until further notice.

The office is staffed but not open to in-person visits. If you have an issue the best way to reach us as of this time is by emailing both David and Oshane at:

or by phone by dialing:

Concierge 531 Building – (954) 781-3481 

Concierge 525 Building – (954) 785-8539


We ask that each of you adhere to social distancing requirements (staying 6 ft. Apart) set forth by the CDC. This means that you should observe this distance whenever and wherever you encounter others: hallways, lobby, inside the elevator, outside the building, etc. As you know, Broward County now requires that all residents wear facial coverings while in the common areas which includes the corridors, lobby and elevator. Facial coverings are required in common areas even if you are alone or far from others.

We will continue to report updates to our residents through email, the association website and postings within the common areas of the buildings.

Be well and stay safe. 

Additional notices:

Board of Directors Governor's Executive Order (download)

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