July 26, 2023

Good evening,

Thank you fellow Board members for your vote.

Thank you Mike for your trust in passing the torch to me. I respect and thank you for all you’ve done to improve Silver Thatch.

For those of you who do not know me, I am Cathy Frazier. You can probably tell, by my accent,  I am from NY City……No, seriously, I was born and raised in Texas. I am married to Don Frazier. I have two sons, two daughter in laws and three grandchildren, with one more on the way, next month.

Regarding my professional background - I began my banking career in 1986 and I have experience on the operations side of banking as well as mortgage and commercial lending. In 1994, I was selected to start and lead a new Private Banking-Business Development department, where I assisted physicians, attorneys, and CPA’s with their financial needs, as a lender. 23 years ago, I decided to leave the corporate world and start my own marketing business. Although I still own my company, I am blessed to be semi-retired.

My husband owns and operates a commercial real estate brokerage firm in TX. We bought our condo in May of last year to enjoy the cooler weather and the beach. A year ago, if someone had asked me if I had a vision of being

on the Board of Silver Thatch, undoubtedly, I would have said no, as it would have never entered my mind.

Like many owners, I skimmed over emails, saved them, and went on about my business, until I went to ‘Meet The Candidates night. The meeting was not what I expected. I listened and watched the chaos of an uncontrolled meeting, disgruntled owners, and I actually got up and left. Realizing the property may have serious problems, I went back and read all of the emails, spoke to different owners, and realized there may be problems worth looking into. Although this was our “happy place, my husband and I even thought about selling our condo that we really enjoyed and were so proud of. Instead, after the new Board was in place, I met with Leah Sullivan, who I was most impressed with at Meet the Candidate’s night and volunteered to help her sort through what was handed over to her as Treasurer. I have been helping as much as I can remotely as well as the times I have travelled back to Florida.

I’m not here to beat my chest by claiming a status of being on the Board or having a title as President. I want the same thing as all of you want and that is to protect our investments and help make Silver Thatch financially solid, by doing the work it takes to help make sure decisions with vendors, etc. are thoroughly vetted so we make the right decisions for the future of Silver Thatch.

Someone asked me what my style would be as President of Silver Thatch. First of all, I am not in line with negativity, gossip, or rumors. I am here to conduct business and ensure this association gets on and stays on the right track. With 362 units, there are lots of different perspectives and I know you cannot please everyone, all the time. However, my goal is to help make the best decisions for the best outcome for this property…again, protecting our investment. I plan to be transparent, however, please keep in mind, that when you ask questions and feel like you are not getting answers, when you want answers, it may be that there are legal reasons for nondisclosure or not enough information to share, at the time you request it. Patience is not always easy and sometimes it may create frustration, however, please also keep in mind, that this is a volunteer position and we are a working board. The majority of our Board members currently have an assignment. I assure you, each board member will be at work, for you, or you will know about it. That is the very reason they were elected, by you, other than me, of course….and I give you my word that my actions will speak louder than my words, regarding my contribution to Silver Thatch.

In closing, I’d like to add, despite a few, negative comments on the property, via email, phone, or on a Facebook page, we have a Board and a hard-working property manager, Oshane Blair, and staff members who have the same goals for Silver Thatch Atlantic Plaza. Be assured, we are working hard to wrap our arms around issues that have been a problem and neglected. You may not understand the why’s at this time and the non disclosure is most likely due to legal reasons. I am asking for patience and the integrity to negate the misinformation or false comments so we, together, get to the same place, for the betterment of our community.

Cathy Frazier,

Board President 

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